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Camelia Tan Sri Yaacob

CEO & Founder, Rootwommers


The Queen Mother of word of mouth marketing. Madam Camelia Tan Sri Yaacob is everything: the CEO and Founder of Rootwommers, a Serial Entrepreneur, a coach, a trainer and an international speaker. She is a real business woman. Madam Camelia is specialized in operating a wide range of businesses, putting them on the market and selling the business within a designated period of time. Her signature marketing system is called “Marketing Made Easy”.

This has assisted many business owners to practice and understand the importance of marketing their business in any business climate. Nowadays, her main objective is to provide business owners with a marketing opportunity to transact business, to get connected and to experience potential growth of minimum 30% in business turn over at any one time. Unrivalled in her art, she is always in her element and she means business.