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Kamarul Bahrin Haron

Deputy Editor-in-chief, Astro Awani


Being an ardent supporter of Liverpool, Kamarul must have injected the club’s theme – You’ll never walk alone – in his work as the Deputy Editor-in-chief of Astro Awani. Who would have known that Kamarul- a banker turned journalist – would be at the helm of a television channel. From his beginnings at Straits Times, he forged his way into his newfound love for visuals and video journalism by moving on to TV3 Malaysia. He later made his debut in entrepreneurship by co-founding a small communications services company: Suhami Sulaiman Omnimedia.

Kamarul is specialized in current affairs reporting and talk shows, and with those qualities in hand, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in its 2018 Digital News research found Astro Awani to be the most trusted Malaysian channel for the reporting of the 14 th Malaysian General election. Kamarul is open to multiple subject matter knowledge and opportunities which continues to help lead Astro Awani’s non-traditional partnerships ranging from SME and social enterprise to grass root local culture and environmental sustainability. If you cannot beat him in the newsroom, perhaps you might be lucky on the tennis court. And that is a double bagel against you.