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S.Jai Shankar

Director of Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Chemicals Products and Energy, MATRADE

A KL-ite with a First Class B.Econs degree from University Malaya and a MBA, majoring in E-Commerce from Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Embarked on a 20-year career upon graduation that saw his donning different hats, including that of a journalist, trade promotion officer and diplomat.

This was due to stints in two different trade promotion agencies, namely Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) and Malaysia External Trade Promotion Corporation (MATRADE) and two media companies, namely the New Straits Times Group and Berita Publications Sdn Bhd.

Along the way, handled trade promotion and communication projects in various ASEAN, European and Middle Eastern countries, set-up MATRADE’s offices in Thailand and Myanmar as well as co-founding the Malaysian Myanmar Business Council (MMBC), IndoChina-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce (connecting all Malaysian Chambers of Commerces in IndoChina) and German Malaysian Roundtable network (which operates in six cities in Germany and one in Austria).

Headed various sections in MATRADE including the Corporate Communications, Americas and Strategy. Was also Malaysia’s Trade Commissioner in Bangkok and Frankfurt. Currently is the Director of Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Energy at MATRADE.